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09/11/08 07:08 PM #1    

Albert Adams

Welcome to the Springtown High School Class Of 1988 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/14/08 06:53 PM #2    

Shonda Rowell (Hazel)

Thanks for setting this up Albert. I also wanted to send a thanks to those who made the reunion possible this year I had a great time seeing everyone. We truly have a wonderful class.

Shonda Rowell (Hazel)

09/14/08 09:03 PM #3    

Teresa Burkhalter (Kelley)

Thanks again, Albert!

09/14/08 09:25 PM #4    

Daniel Smith

You all did a great job putting this reunion together. Thanks for all your hard work to make it a success. Let's all keep in touch as much as possible.

09/14/08 09:55 PM #5    

Stacey Hayes (Beauchamp)

I had a great time seeing everyone and I hope that we all use this site to stay in touch. Thanks Albert!!!!
Please add pics if you took any.

09/15/08 09:38 AM #6    

Jaime Spurlin (Doremus)

I had a great time! I didn't realize I missed everyone sooo much untill I saw them. I will try to post all the pic's I took over the weekend so everyone who didn't make it can see what they missed!! Thanks Albert for this site!

09/15/08 10:51 AM #7    

Tracy Faulkner (Massie)

It was great to see everyone at the reunion. I didn't realize how much I missed you guys! I sure hope more of us come to the next event! Thanks for the site Albert. Everyone can keep in touch now!

09/15/08 04:52 PM #8    

Cathy Griffin (Glines)

It was great seeing everyone this past weekend. I just wanted to say thanks to those who took part is arranging the reunion, and I am looking forward to the next. 10 years is just too long.

09/15/08 07:53 PM #9    

Bonnie Beard

What a great site! Thanks for setting it up, Albert! The reunion was a blast - it sure didn't seem like 20 years since we were all in school together. It was so great seeing everyone!

09/15/08 08:42 PM #10    

Susan Moore

HI EVERYBODY!!!! WOW ALBERT THIS IS SO COOL...THANK YOU...I hope we will all keep in touch now..This is a great way to do it...It sure was GREAT to see everyone..I vote for a 25year reunion...Or heck, every homecoming game...Anyways..everyone take care and keep in touch...Cant wait to see lots of pictures from the reunion...Thanks again Albert..You sure can play that guitar!!!

09/16/08 12:26 AM #11    

Teresa Burkhalter (Kelley)

I loaded several reunion pics, but loaded them on under my name (oops, still learning how to do all of this). Look under my name until I figure out how to put them in the location where they're easier to access. I have loved reading all of profiles. :)

09/16/08 11:18 PM #12    

Tamara Hall (Roglin)

Thanks Albert for the great web site. I loved seeing everyone again. It doesn't seem possible that we have been out of school for 20 years. I guess time flies when your having fun. I'm thinking like a lot of others and lets do this again in five years. I like Susan's idea of the meeting at the homecoming. We all know that Toby will be waiting for us at Crossroads after the game.

09/17/08 05:00 PM #13    

Tammy Sorrels (Murphy)

I just want to say, "Albert, you are a day maker with this site!" This is such a neat idea, and has been much needed! I hope that we all really do use it to stay connected. It was awesome seeing all of you that came on Friday and Saturday night. I had a really good time, but just wish we had had longer to all visit with one another. Maybe if we don't wait another 10 years it won't take so long to catch up! Well, you guys keep in touch and take care!

09/23/08 05:39 PM #14    

Paige Martin (McEachern)

Hey Gang,
Sorry I missed all of the fun. It seems that IKE had different plans for me. My family and home did not sustain any damage from the hurricane, but we were without power for 5 days. Surrounding neighborhoods and my school district that I teach at have been without power for almost two weeks. My brother,(Pike) and his family had some damage and were without power for 7 days.
I am enjoying the pictures that have been posted. Everyone looks GREAT! I will do my best to add some of my own pictures when I return to work.

09/24/08 09:37 AM #15    

Cathy Griffin (Glines)

I forgot to bring a camera to the reunion so I was wondering when additional pics would be posted. If not, if someone could please e-mail me some of the pictures, that would be great.

09/25/08 09:46 PM #16    

Roy Martin

Thanks to all of the organizers. I appreciate your time and hard work. Everything was great except that we only had a weekend to catch up with everybody. We were without power for 8 days but didn't have any real damage although we lost some trees. Thank goodness none hit our house although several of our neighbors weren't as lucky. We were very fortunate and happy to be at the reunion instead of riding out Ike.

This site is great so big props go to Albert. If someone has a picture of the "Albie fro" I beg of you to post it. Of course with him being the webmaster we might not ever get to see it. Try anyways.

[I'll allow a fro pic for anyone who can tell me why they call him "Nasty Roy". ~Albert]

09/29/08 08:54 PM #17    

John Rich

Albert - Thanks for setting up the site. Sorry I missed the reunion.

I will post some pics of the family. It is cool to see how everyone is doing.


10/05/08 04:30 PM #18    

Tisha French (Little)

I want to first thank Albie for making this site possible, but thanks for Tammara for calling & letting me know it was up & going! I had a lot of fun seeing everyone & it's a shame every one wasn't able to make it!! Now we can all stay in touch!!

I'll have to post some pics of the family & I look forward to staying in touch w/everyone!! Be Blessed

10/06/08 03:01 PM #19    

Toby Grubis

This site is awesome, thanks Albert! I am gonna look thru my scrap books, I think I have an "Albie" afro picture just for you "Nasty" Roy. He-He_He!I had a great time visiting with everyone and hope I didn't get to crazy and rowdy for ya'll.

10/11/08 11:43 PM #20    

Stephen Dommert

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and say I am sorry I missed what looked like a great reunion. As many of you know a hurricane hit that weekend here in Houston and I was unable to leave town due to responsibilities of my job. If it had not been for the storm I would have loved to have seen everyone.

Albert, this sight is great. If anyone is ever in the Houston area look me up an let's do lunch and catch up.

I like the pictures on the site and let me tell you, everyone has gotten OLD! There were a lot of faces It took me a while to recognize and some I am still trying to put a name to!

I hope I get to see some of you soon and catch up.


10/19/08 05:32 PM #21    

Nancy Springfield (Bayouth)

HI classmates of 1988! Hope this finds you all well. Sorry I could not make it to the reunion, I really wanted to be there.
Thank you for the album with all of your cards of encouragement. It was such a nice gesture.
I was reminded of our class song "Living on a Prayer" by Bon jovi. It seems I am really living on a prayer everyday now. God has been my rock and refuge. He gives me strength, courage and faith that I need to get through this trial in my life. I am about to have my 3rd chemotherapy treatment with 3 more to go. Then this will all be a part of my past.
I will see you at the next reunion or maybe sooner.

Blessings to all of you,

Nancy Springfield Bayouth

11/15/08 09:16 PM #22    

Raymona Toombs (Powell)

Albert! Great site, thanks for setting it up (and to all the others that might have had a hand in it). Sorry Bryan & I missed the reunion... I'm blaming Anissa & Denise since they both had our contact info and didn't tell me about it until AFTER the fact. I always blamed Anissa for everything anyway... see nothing's changed in 20 years.

Thanks to everyone that posted pictures of the reunion, it has been great fun to sit here and try to determine who's who.

01/10/09 12:00 AM #23    

Lynn Hanson

Thanks for putting up this site for us Albert, and thanks to Julie and Stacy for finding me before the reunion.

I hated missing the reunion but I had previous plans in another state and I could not reschedule. I am really hoping that we have a 25th because I don't want to have to wait another 10 years to see all of you.

Keep in touch - my email address is

01/28/22 10:45 AM #24    

Dina McRae (Hensarling)

I am unable to see the list of classmates in Memory

01/29/22 10:48 AM #25    

Stephen Dommert

I don't see them either Dina

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